5Dimes Review

5Dimes Review

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Ok, if you are familiar with 5Dimes, then this grade should really not surprise you. The website doesn’t have the features and flair that some of their competitors do, but in terms of service, support, and reliability, 5Dimes is unmatched in the United States.

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5Dimes may not be as well-known as some of the bigger names in the betting world, but this site has consistently impressed us, offering excellent variety and prices in its betting lines, as well as reliable customer service and super fast money transactions.

5Dimes has been around for more than two decades without generating any negative headlines or big complaints, and you should definitely consider signing up for an account if you care about reliability, value, and service.

5Dimes is actually one of the best options for customers in the US who want to place bets on sports. The site provides an incredible amount of variety. We’ve compared the lines on 5Dimes to many of the other big sites out there and found that 5Dimes comes out on top every time in terms of the sheer number of propositions.

You can find over 100 different things to bet on for each NFL game, for example, granting you a level of freedom that many other sites simply can’t hope to emulate.

5Dimes Pricing and Juice Review

As well as having so much variety, 5Dimes also impresses with its prices. 5Dimes consistently offers some of the most attractive odds you could hope to find, as well as being the only US-friendly site to offered “reduced juice” bets, which is where the house effectively takes a lower commission on each bet you place, allowing you to earn more from each successful bet.

Reduced juice bets are highly important for those who want to get into more advanced betting techniques, so this is another reason to give 5Dimes a try.

In addition to reduced juice, you have to make sure you grab our 5Dimes promo code to lock in a massive new player bonus. We currently have a 100% deposit match offer from the 5Dimes team. Make sure to lock this in as the offers frequently change, and our typical 5Dimes new player bonus is about 50%.

Sports Available in the SportsBook

Now let’s look more closely at the betting options on 5Dimes. The site covers all of the big American sports, as well as countless other global sports and competitions. Variety is a huge aspect of the 5Dimes experience, and many new users are amazed by the sheer quantity of options available on this site.

Each event has dozens of propositions, allowing you to bet on almost any aspect of any sporting event imaginable. The variety we keep mentioning even applies to the cost of your bets! 5Dimes has the lowest minimum betting limits anywhere in the US, allowing you to place bets as small as 50 cents.

In addition, the site is one of the few US gambling sites to offer in-play betting on a variety of popular sports, including football, basketball, baseball, and others. This allows you to watch games in real-time and place bets depending on how the action is playing out.

Essentially, this gives you even more betting freedom and options, allowing you to bet the way you want and enjoy watching and interacting with the sports you love in so many ways.

5Dimes Casino Review

As well as offering so many sportsbook options, 5Dimes also proposes a good range of online casino games and even poker. The casino definitely deserves special mention as it features relatively low house edge percentages and a great selection of games, including horse racing, blackjack, slot machines, roulette, video poker, and much more.

The big appeal of 5Dimes is undoubtedly its sportsbook, but it’s always nice when sites like this offer additional services and games, so 5Dimes definitely earns some bonus points for its casino games and poker room.

5Dimes Withdraws and Cashier Service

Another key aspect of any betting site is how quickly and easily payments can be processed. Fortunately, 5Dimes excels in this area. The site accepts deposits and withdrawals via all of the most popular methods, including debit cards, pre-paid cards, credit cards, Bitcoin, and more.

Withdrawals are exceptionally fast, so you don’t have to wait around for several days waiting for your winnings to arrive in your account. This is another nice advantage that helps to set 5Dimes apart from the competition.

So 5Dimes ticks a lot of the key boxes for anyone searching for a reliable, good value betting site. How about customer service? This is an important part of the overall experience on any sportsbook; queries and problems can arise at any time and customers need to know that they have somewhere to turn when they need help. Fortunately, 5Dimes manages to provide some of the industry’s best customer service.

It isn’t the fastest at responding to every single query, but the friendly team of support agents will always be standing by to help you out. If you do encounter any issues, we recommend using the live chat option, as you’re guaranteed to get a more immediate reply than if you choose to send an email.

When you sign up for a new betting account, there are a few factors that need to be considered, but no matter which factor you care about the most, 5Dimes will have you covered. Whether it’s bet variety, value, additional gametypes, customer service, payment processing speeds, or something else altogether, this site manages to excel in pretty much every area.

If you’re interested in sports betting, and looking for a safe, reliable place to bet online, you simply have to check out 5Dimes.