FanDuel Review

FanDuel Review and Promo Code

Before we jump right into our complete FanDuel review, we wanted to share our exclusive FanDuel promo code. If you decide FanDuel is the right website for you to play on, this code is the best way to get started, we have updated it for the 2018 NBA season.

Our Comprehensive FanDuel Review

If you are landing on this article, then chances are your new to Daily Fantasy Sports and have a few questions you want answered before you jump in. The first thing most new players ask is if daily fantasy sports is legal. DFS is currently legal in 40 of 50 US states, including New York which passed legislation in early August, 2016.

You are probably also trying to figure out which DFS website is the best, and I will tell you right now that it’s FanDuel. They own over 60% of this emerging market for one clear reason: they offer a significantly better product than their competitors.

As we run through this review of FanDuel I will break down the reasons they offer a better product in more detail, but to keep it short and sweet: their website is smoother… It works the way it should, their app is awesome, mobile website is state of the art, and offer bulk roster updates, importing and more.

fanduel user reviewThey offer easy deposits (our FanDuel promo code will double it), which can be made via PayPal or a Credit card, and payouts are lightning fast and can be made via PayPal or check.

Games are competitive, but not so competitive that you don’t have a chance of winning. The reason games are more winnable than competing websites is pretty straigh-forward: they have a constant influx of new players.

Obviously new players are easier to beat than pros and vets, so you want a nice mixture of new players. Player pricing is straight-forward, and like their website, scoring works the way it should.

Our complete FanDuel review continues below, but if you are ready to get started now use the link and promo code above to double your deposit.

FanDuel Game Modes and Sports

One of the major knocks we had on FanDuel in 2016 was addressed in 2017, and we are guessing any of the current issues we have (more on that later) will be addressed as we move into 2018. Back in 2016, FanDuel offered NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB and that was it.

They then added eSports and Soccer, which made sense as most experts agree eSports are the future and FanDuel has UK roots making soccer obviously appealing. That being said, most of our readers know how we feel about fantasy golf, it’s an amazing four-day event in which statistics, course, golfer form, and more all play a role. It’s earned it’s spot in the DFS world, and FanDuel added fantasy golf in 2017.

What do we expect from FanDuel in 2018? First off, a move to bigger and better single entry tournaments. Players want them to avoid playing against the pro’s with hundreds of lineups. The problem is they don’t have the big payout that attracts beginner players that chase the big payday.

\Finding a way to fill massive single entry tournaments will simply be a result of a more stable legal environment and ever growing industry in 2018.

That being said, FanDuel may not offer MMA, Nascar, or other exotic sports, but for 99% of you they offer the sports you want. Not only do they have all of the major sports, but they have an impressively polished product for each. Well thought out roster structures, scoring, and rules, and simply the best in-game experience.

FanDuel Website Design and Usability

With the announcement that FanDuel will be launching their all-new mobile app prior to the fantasy football season, FanDuel now offers everything that you could possibly look for….

Their mobile game was already the absolute best way to play daily fantasy sports on your smartphone. After having the opportunity to beta test the new app, we can confirm that it will boast many of the features that we have grown to know and love on their mobile website.

The FanDuel Draft Lobby is the most intuitive in the industry. By placing several different features for sorting in the left hand side of the window, users can quickly sort their games by each feature and quickly get in and out of games.

Putting together your lineup is pretty straight forward. Players can be sorted by points per game or by price. You can get additional information on each player by clicking on their name, and from that additional info screen you can add the player or close the window.

FanDuel Games and Competition Level

Some of you may not like to read this, but FanDuel is easier to win money on than DraftKings, and that is a good thing. Fantasy football isn’t meant to be a bunch of graduate students, all using the same exact algorithms to pick the same mathematically perfect team.

It should be a blend of ringers, new players, and dead money. FanDuel is the perfect blend of players and has shown they are committed to keeping the game fair for players of all skill levels.

By investing more money in marketing than anyone else in the industry, FanDuel keeps a consistent influx of new players, which makes games slightly easier to win. Maybe that is a negative for some of you, but we like winning and like money even more than money.

Deposits, Withdrawals and Promotions

We have addressed deposits and withdrawals for every major site, all over our website. It’s a piece of cake with every daily fantasy website, this isn’t gambling online, it’s a legit business you can add and remove money any way you want, any time you want.

Play a game today, win today, withdrawal today, it doesn’t matter how much you wager, win and take out.

As far as promotions, FanDuel offers the industry standard 100% deposit bonus. Click here if you would like to grab our FanDuel promo code and head over to their site and start playing, winning and earning today!

If you are looking for some useful tips and lineup tools, head over to our blog section and check out our writer’s latest articles.

FanDuel Affiliate and Partners Program

I think the affiliate and partners program is probably the most underrated feature of being a FanDuel player. You can refer anybody you know to FanDuel and earn either a percentage of what they play, or a flat rate per user.

This means sending a few coworkers an email with your link could net you an extra couple hundred dollars. I have been blown away by the number of guys that are just in my season long leagues that have never heard of FanDuel or DraftKings.

Create a $10 tournament and invite all the members of your traditional fantasy football leagues, again, $25-35 per guy that signs up.

This adds up in a hurry and can be deposited directly into your checking account, or, better yet, directly into your FanDuel account. Now your playing Daily Fantasy Sports for free… what could be better?

Basis for This FanDuel Review

Some companies are the first to an industry, others offer a significantly better product, and in FanDuel’s case they were one of the first major players to enter the Daily Fantasy Sports industry and instantly started doing it better.

They were able to raise funding, and claim 60% of the industry in under two years by marketing aggressively across several mediums including sports radio and television, namely ESPN.

Before I jump into my review, here’s a quick background on me… I have been playing Daily Fantasy Sports for almost three years. It originally started as a hobby, I was a web developer that did about an hour of research/roster construction per week.

As I got better and better, and started winning more and more tournaments, I decided that I could at least supplement my income with Daily Fantasy Sports.

Fast forward to today, I run this website and play over 1,000 daily fantasy tournaments per month. I generally spend 10+ hours per week on research and another 2-3 hours on roster construction, entries, and tracking my strategies/results.

Obviously during that time I tried every name in the industry… I started on FanDuel, but soon was playing on DraftKings and DraftStreet. Today I play on FanDuel, DraftKings and have just started playing on Yahoo!.

I would say 90% of the time/money I spend on DFS is spent on FanDuel. I just enjoy the website, games, scoring, competition and the company itself more than the other names in fantasy sports.

That being said, there are some areas that FanDuel could improve and even some areas that other websites are better. Let’s break down some of the strengths and weaknesses of the monster that is FanDuel.

Comments 3

  1. Perry says:

    I get it makes sense to play on both FanDuel and DraftKings, but if you had to choose one, which would it be? That’s the question I am trying to get an answer for.

    • Chris Lollis says:

      Hey Perry, both sites are great, you can’t go wrong. FanDuel has a better app, and user experience. They also have a more balanced payout structure to their GPPs and more beginner only contests. DraftKings has bigger GPPs with bigger payouts, better roster structure for NFL contests (no kicker and flex added), but there app and website aren’t as well designed and thought out as FanDuel’s.

  2. Pat says:

    i just love how the fanduel site looks. looks way more legit than their competitor(s)

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