FanDuel Adds EPL to its Product List

FanDuel Adds EPL to its Product List

FanDuel may be one of the daily fantasy sport industry leaders, but fans have had to wait quite a while for a new sport to be added to the company’s lineup. Now, soccer fans have reason to rejoice as English Premier League games can finally be enjoyed on FanDuel’s platform.

The English Premier League is perhaps the most famous and certainly the most-watched soccer league on the planet, with teams like Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool being some of the most successful sports franchises in Europe.

This new addition to the FanDuel catalog was announced very recently, with the operator releasing a statement to inform all users that EPL contests and leagues would be arriving within a week’s time.

What Sort of Player Should EPL Attract?

This news will certainly be welcomed by soccer fans, or even DFS enthusiasts who are excited about testing out some contests and leagues in a whole new sport. Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet and its popularity is on the rise in the US, with many EPL games being broadcast on NBC.

The CEO of FanDuel, Nigel Eccles, was particularly excited to unveil this new offering. He said that the company’s “ultimate goal is for fans of all sports to experience what FanDuel has to offer”, before going on to say, “As we continue to enhance our core product, we look forward to giving the millions of US soccer fans access to the same game day excitement that bring other sports fans to our platform.”

The addition of EPL contests definitely looks like a shrewd move from the industry leader. Fantasy soccer games have been huge in Europe for many years now. As a sport, soccer just works exceptionally well with the fantasy format. If US audiences can get a glimpse of just how much fun DFS soccer games can be, FanDuel could be onto a winner here.

FanDuel’s First New Sport In… Forever.

Quick Intro to the EPL and Fantasy Soccer

If you’re not quite up to speed on the English Premier League, it’s worth pointing out that the season actually started way back in August. At the time of writing, the league is approaching its 11th week of games, meaning that the season is already more than a quarter of the way through.

FanDuel might have had more success by launching this new product a couple of months ago, but fans will be happy to have it now rather than waiting any longer. EPL contests and leagues on FanDuel will follow the same schedule as the league itself. Games are played most weekends, with some mid-week clashes also appearing from time to time.

Soccer may be played with 11-man teams, but you’ll only be picking 8 players for your DFS rosters on FanDuel. Your squad will be made up of a goalkeeper, two defenders, three midfielders and two forwards. FanDuel is offering players a $60,000 salary cap in order to prepare each roster.

fanduel-epl-scoringYou don’t need to be an expert to figure out the roles of each player; goalkeepers and defenders play at the back and try to prevent goals, midfielders are the creative players who try to create goals and the forwards, or strikers, play at the top of the pitch and attempt to score goals.

FanDuel is using a relatively straightforward scoring system for its EPL offering. Goalkeepers get their own set of scores, with bonus points awarded for earning a “clean sheet” or saving penalties, and points lost for conceding goals. Meanwhile, all of the other players are subject to the same scoring system.

A goal earns a player 15 points, while the player who assisted the goal earns a nice tally of 7 point, so your forwards and midfielders will be very valuable. Players earn additional points for interceptions, clearances, blocks, tackles and shots on target, but can also lose points for missing penalties or getting yellow and red cards.


Will FanDuel Expand Soccer into MLS, Spain, or Germany?

It’s important to note that FanDuel’s soccer offering is currently exclusively focused on the English Premier League. Major League Soccer is not yet a part of the program, so you won’t be able to pick your favorite New York Red Bulls or LA Galaxy players just yet, but we imagine FanDuel probably has plans to expand in the future. Other big international leagues like the Spanish La Liga or the German Bundesliga could also be added someday.

Up to this point, FanDuel seemed content to stick with a relatively limited range of sports and allow its major rival, DraftKings, to go ahead and expand its catalog with things like NASCAR and MMA.

Now though, it looks like FanDuel wants to catch up and start offering some new experiences for its legions of followers. EPL soccer is a good addition to the brand’s product lineup, and we’re looking forward to seeing what other announcements the DFS giant might make in the near future.

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