FanDuel Promo Code- 100% Deposit Bonus

Use our FanDuel promo code to receive the largest possible bonus on your initial FanDuel deposit. Our visitors will receive a 100% deposit bonus for February 2015, the largest bonus in the industry.

FanDuel Promo Code and Max Deposit Bonus for 2015

Chances are you have seen one of the new FanDuel commercials on ESPN or even hear one of their promotions on ESPN radio. Did you forget the promo code from the ESPN commercial? Worry not, we have you covered with the same or possibly even a better offer. We also have a complete guide covering how to use the promo code, as well as a rundown on how the deposit bonus gets added to your account. Our exclusive FanDuel promo code is guaranteed to provide you with a 100% deposit bonus for 2015.

Once you visit the FanDuel website, and click their Sign Up Now button you will see a blue line on the lower section of the form that reads, ‘Got a promo code or referral username?’ Clicking this link will display a box which you will be able to enter our FanDuel promo code ‘ATLANTICA’ into.

Your FanDuel promo code will add what we refer to as a ‘Welcome Bonus’ to your account. This bonus is not available immediately, rather is pending in your account and is earned gradually as you enter and complete more and more paid contests. Click here or a complete breakdown of how you receive your FanDuel deposit bonus.

In the top right hand corner of the FD website you will see your account balance, as well as your pending bonus. The more games you compete in, the faster your bonus is added to your account, so get playing! You will see your bonus added at a rate of 4% of the entry fee for the games you compete in. So for every $100 of games you compete in, you’ll receive $4 of your bonus money. Play more, win more, earn more of your promo code money. If you need more information about how FanDuel releases your bonus money, give them a call, or visit their website for answers to many of your questions.

It’s no secret that fantasy sports websites make their money off of rakes. The industry standard rake is 10% of each ‘pot’ or pool of entries. This is a fairly significant amount of money. Basically it means that for every ten games you win on FanDuel you will have to win another to cover their rake on each win.

To help you offset the cost of the rake and move the odds even more into your favor, we recommend you really take advantage of their signup bonus. If you plan on playing a lot, then make a deposit of at least the maximum initial deposit bonus level of $200. Even if you don’t play with the full $200, you will get that deposit bonus released into your account as you play more and more games.


Why do Daily Fantasy Sports websites use this gradual release system, and why can’t I get that money now? This has quickly turned into the million dollar question when it comes to daily fantasy promo code and deposit bonus money. By using this gradual release system FanDuel actually does a couple of things. First, they discourage multiple accounts. If you could just open accounts over and over to get instant access to bonus money they would have players with hundreds of accounts. Second, it keep them profitable… They are only raking about 10%, and have to pay operating costs and their marketing budget out of that money. Click here for our full guide to how this gradual release system works.

What Makes FanDuel the Biggest Name in Daily Fantasy Sports?

There is a reason that, in one of the fastest growing industries in the world, FanDuel has more players than all other Daily Fantasy Sports websites combined. Sure they advertise on ESPN and your local radio station more than their competitors, but their success is due to more than FanDuel promo code radio commercials. Their website, mobile website, and app are head and shoulders above the rest of the industry. They have more players, more games, larger tournaments, bigger payouts, and have created more millionaires than any other website. Are you ready for perhaps the biggest reason you should play on FanDuel? It’s easier to win money.

FanDuel spends more money on marketing than all other DFS websites combined. This means they have a constant influx of new players. For those of you that have been playing DFS for a while, you know it takes some time to really get to know what it takes to win consistently, so new players tend to lose more than seasoned DFS veterans. So by constantly acquiring new players, FanDuel makes it easier for experienced players to win money. For those of you that are new, you’ll be fine… Just do your homework, learn what games you should be playing, and how to put together a winning roster.

Massive FanDuel Promotions this January

Football season is winding down, and your season-long fantasy league has come and past, but the fun doesn’t have to stop. FanDuel has all kinds of games still running. From playoff NFL contests to college football, and, of course NBA and NHL tournaments every single night of the week. Let’s take a quick look at the promotional games FanDuel is kicking 2015 off with…

If you are getting to this post after January 10, then you missed it, but for the conference semifinals FD will be running a two-day contest that they are calling the Saturday Million. It has a similar structure to their weekly Sunday Million contest with a top payout of $200,00 and another $100,00 going to second and third.

FanDuel also recently announced their Playboy Basketball Championship and NBA All Star Weekend Experience. These are two events that I am personally extremely excited about. The NBA’s willingness to jump on board with FanDuel and immerse their product with the Daily Fantasy Sports product shows such forward thinking on both party’s part. The reason? FanDuel drives up viewership and of course ad money for the league, it also sells NBA League Pass subscriptions, because you want to watch if you are invested in the players and games.

For FanDuel, it keeps fantasy players active after football season. We have analytical data that proves that DFS nearly dies after football season, so if FD can keep their users engaged through the long NBA season, they are going to dramatically improve their profits. Click the graphic below to find out how you can win up to $100,000 and a trip to the Playboy Mansion by playing fantasy basketball on FanDuel.


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